The Founder


Brian Jilg is the founder of ABookTrailer.com.  He is an experienced, passionate, and driven composer.    His love of music production is really the seed that grew into this company.   He has been playing keyboards and writing music for almost 30 years, off and on until 2014.   That is the point in time in which the fire and passion were lit to not just record music as a hobbyist anymore,  but to become a professional musician.    It was at that moment in time that he became focused on learning about music production at a professional level and set about learning the craft in earnest.

Since that time he has won awards in film festivals such as the Nashville Film Festival,  Indie: The Gathering International Film Festival, and the Horror Hotel Film Festival.  Moving forward from there he has become a  successful music composer and has an ever growing catalog of music for licensing.  

Late in 2019, he was pondering ways to grow his business...  Fate, luck, destiny, however you name it, had a plan.  One night a friend from high school was in town and had gathered people together for dinner.  It so happened that night he had a conversation with an author.  In talking with her he found she had promoted and increased the sales of her book with..  you guessed it..  a book trailer!!  This set the gears in motion for Brian Jilg.  

He began to research the topic of book trailers and as he was going through, he saw some very good trailers and some not so great trailers.   Having skills in music licensing and production, video production, and an entrepreneurial spirit overflowing with excellent interpersonal skills, it seemed a very good fit indeed.   That is how ABookTrailer.com came into existence.  But this is not the end... It is just the beginning!

His personal site and links to his music licensing can be found at these sites:

Music Licensing:  https://SoundGearProductions.com

Personal Site:  https://brianjilg.com