Why A Book Trailer?

Let's face it.  We spend a lot of time online these days and a good portion of that time involves watching videos.  Having a high quality trailer can help deliver the message about your book in a short, concise, and effective manner.  Just like Hollywood movies, your book deserves some extra special promotion!  

  • The work is all done in house with graphics, photos, and even  in my own professional music studio to create the best music for your product.   
  • Licensing will never be an issue as  the content is all created in house.  LIcensing will be explained in a way that is easy to undertstand.  
  • With experience in trailer music production, music licensing, video production, and outstanding customer service skills, this is the right collection of skills that can produce a high quality and  visually impacting trailer for your book.  
  • If you just need music for your project, go here to our music licensing site:  
  • https://soundgearproductions.com

What makes A Book Trailer different kind of company?

My main experience is in production music.  I have years of experience in music production and understand how music can influence a viewer of an ad.  I write music that pulls at the emotions of the viewer and can subtly convey the tone of your book.  I want the viewers of your trailer to have a WOW! moment and then want to share it with others. 

I produce the music in house with professionalism, care for your book, and the chance to create something special.  Other companies may go and grab music from other sites, but like you, I pour my  heart into my work!  I understand the pride and joy that goes into creating something artistic and would be honored to be able to help you with the promotion of your book! 

At the end of the day, I really like helping people.  It really is that simple.  


I am here to help you.  From start to finish, I will work with you to ensure you are happy with your purchase.  I will stay in communication with you and provide updates along the way to ensure I am going the right direction for you and to build a good solid relationship.   

  • My agreement process is easy and simple.  No overwhelming legal jargon, just a straight forward and easy to understand agreement.    
  • Licensing information is provided in an easy to understand way so you know what your rights are and are comfortable with the terms.  

After the purchase of  service(s), production will begin in earnest for your video and I will gather the following information:

  • The book title
  • Brief synopsis
  • High resolution copy of your book cover
  • Gathering a sense of the genre, style, and mood of your book
  • Musical preferences / style / mood of music
  • Any creative or artistic ideas / input you have for your trailer
  • Online stores where your book can be purchased

With these items I can begin to put together a high quality and exciting trailer that will help to promote sales of your book!